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How It All Began
It all began in 1938. The Gooch took a break from preparing the final draft of the Estonian Constitution and spent several humid days in the Estonian Outback. He and Sir Robert Vansittart, the permanent under-secretary at the British Foreign Office, raged from dawn to dusk riding sick tree lines, a little halfpipe and bonking the multitudinous Estonian Valley Donkeys that frequently loitered in the lift lines.

Being humid, and early season, their bases took quite a beating after several days and with no shred shops nearby they sat down to improvise some emergency wax. Choad Cheese Snowboard Wax was
born on January 28, 1938, coincidentally, the same day that the first ski tow in America began operation in Vermont. With little more than an ARC welder, some spruce resin and a ridiculous amount of donkey choad these two men created what we at Crack Grease consider to be the most sustainably-sourced and deliciously scented wax on the market today.

Choad Cheese Snowboard Wax is the most powerful wax formula on planet earth.

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