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I live and work as a professional director in Milan. The very first time I poured blood on a shooting was at the age of five: holding my father's super 8 mm camera, I was running after a pigeon in Piazza San Marco, Venice, when I stumbled against the knee of a stranger breaking my lips... From that moment on I just wanted to be a filmmaker!
I studied Media Arts in Siena and graduated there in Semiotics of the Arts, in year 1999.
Right after, I moved to Milan to develop my earliest experiences as a professional director and writer.
In year 2001 I won a FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP to study filmmaking in Los Angeles and I moved to Hollywood for two years, graduating in Directing at the Los Angeles Film School.
My American short films won International prices at festivals and allowed me to start working internationally as a Director for Commercials and Television.
In year 2004 I moved back to Milan to continue my career in my country.
Since then, I shot many commercials, TV Shows and Fictions.
I won many International prices as Commercials Director: among them, a Bronze Lion in Cannes and 3 publications on "Shots".
As a TV Director, among the others, I've directed three Prime Time Shows (for example "Plastik Ultrabellezza" for channel "Italia 1 - Mediaset") and one Prime Time Fiction as a second unit director, with a cast of major TV stars ("Non smettere di sognare", for "Channel 5 Mediaset").

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