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  1. SuicideGirls

    SuicideGirls PRO Los Angeles


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    Everywhere you look, TV, Movies and advertisements keep shoving the same photocopied version of beauty down your throat. SuicideGirls was created to demonstrate that beauty comes in many forms not a single cookie cutter shape and look. What some people think makes us strange, or weird or fucked up,…

  2. NKFOM

    NKFOM Germany


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    Die Sache ist ernst: es geht ums Essen!

  3. Zwerchfell Verlag

    Zwerchfell Verlag Germany


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    Founded by Christian Heesch in 1988, Zwerchfell Verlag began publishing comic books in Hamburg, Germany. Germany‘s first Independent Publisher, we‘ve since produced comics from all kinds of genres, by authors from the Underground as well as from the Mainstream. Zwerchfell Verlag wants to…

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