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I’m Vittoria Tonelli, I was born in Bologna, Italy, in November 1986. Since I was a little girl I showed that I didn’t come into this world to live boring. My first words were “Lets play”, and you can ask my father. At a younger age and for whatever reason, I studied economics and even worked in the field but I discovered it was too boring. I decided to diverge from it and grew a passion for design. After studying in a local design school and acquired some work experience, I decided to apply to the miami ad school where my studies in economics and my passion about design found the perfect balance.
A thing you have to know about myself: I'm the worst at remembering holidays, or my best friends birthdays… My friends call me dori, and if you have good taste in animation movies you would probably understand who I'm referring to. By the way, I already forgot what I wrote so far so, if the sentences are not connected you can certainly understand what I'm dealing with.


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