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  1. asdsd

    asdsd Norway


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    Antimedia is a production company. We do almost everything in house from ppre-production, concepts, producing, shooting, editing, colour grading, sound design, motion graphics and music composition. Check out our website: www.antimedia.no for more info.

  2. Gjermund Medgard
  3. kristian corneliussen
  4. william gilbu

    william gilbu norway


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    Photographer and filmmaker based in Norway. Love to do new and acceded things with the camera! www.fjellgeita.no

  5. The Animation Workshop

    The Animation Workshop Plus Viborg, Denmark


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    The Animation Workshop (VIA University College) enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top educations we provide for the international film industry. Yet, we are much more than just a school. The Animation Workshop is an international centre of knowledge and development for animation and related…

  6. Aleksander Espegard

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