Riccardo Castagnola

Bremen, Germany

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Sound Designer, Composer, Live Electroniker.

He studied Electronics Music and Composition at Conservatorio G.B. Martini (Bologna) and Electroacoustic Compostion at HFK Bremen (Germany). He improved himself through workshops with international composers and sound artists.

His works and activities variates from //acousmatic music// to //composition for instruments and electronics//, from //live improvisation performance with electronics// to //sound direction//, //sound design for audiovisual// (documentary, short films) and //multimedia interactive installation//, //analysis of electroacoustic music//, all shown in international festivals (DE, UK, F, BR).

He cooperates with Tempo Reale (Florence) for event planning and live electronics music performance. He cooperates with different groups like NAKISA DUO, LEITMOTIV DUO, TR Idee Lab, Concrete Bologna Elettroacustica, Ensemble 0crediti.

He's copy editor of MusicaElettronica.it, an Italian blog about experimental music and arts.

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