Ivan Богоев

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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* Ivan Bogoev was born in 1988 in Plovdiv.
He had exhibitions which took place in Plovdiv and Sofia and he as well made some of his works participating in art seminars and workshops in Paris, Ohrid(Macedonia), Plovdiv and Sofia. Pictures of his are bought and now possessed by clients in Bulgaria, Greece, The Netherlands,I had 10, Australia, U.S.A.
Ivan is unique for his talent ability to work independent on a high quality level and with grace in a vast spectrum of techniques and various mediums as if there is a whole team of different artists working separately with their own styles. But in the end it is still the same person-Ivan Bogoev. Now he has graduated as BA student in Animation Major and BA Graphics and Illustration Minor programs at NBU, Sofia. He is working on his first hand-drawn short animated movie where he practices the live-under-camera technique with soft pastels. Ivan has advanced knowledge for softwares like Painter 11, SketchBook, Photoshop, Bryce 6, ToonBoom.
The techiques I use are tempera, ink, soft pastels, acryl, oil as well as digital. Being a student at the New Bulgarian University I have courses like storyboarding, comics and cartoon character design research. Along with the courses in animation I study the art and different techniques of illustration as my second specialty. I like to put an element of global significance in my works. Melding classical aesthetics with modern abstraction and post-modern concepts are my favourite combinations when building up sci-fi or fantasy illustration scene. I try to work hard for my dream to come true. This dream is after I graduate to start working in a creative team of concept artists, character designers and illustrators in the book publishing and movie industry.

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