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I was born in Rome in 1967.
Since an early age the world of photography has fascinated me, a passion which I inherited from my father.
l am presently based in Castelvetro di Modena (Italy). This region (famous for Lambrusco wine, Parmesan cheese, Balsamic vinegar and also the home of Ferrari and Pavarotti) creates a wonderful and influential environment for my photography. As a consequence, the maturity of my work has allowed me to fine-tune my skills for specialising in:

- Weddings
- Portraits
- Corporate events
- Still Life

In terms of to ‘Wedding events’, I am committed to capturing emotions and beauty by combining reportage-tell the story style, capturing small details that at the end of the day should be able to create a story ... a story to revive and excite you every time you browse your photos or video.
I use the latest equipment and software available in the market, namely Nikon for photography and Sony XDCAM for filming, ensuring that your photos and video are of the highest quality possible.

The latest technology allows me to work with available lighting for video so that all the footage is natural and reflects the true atmosphere of the day and the location without having to bring in bright lights.

I operate both in Italy and abroad (I speak Italian, English and Spanish)

For more info you can contact me: +39 3283361103 (Italy)

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