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austin texas

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Born in San Antonio Texas live there for a majority of my life moved to California for 3 years and now live in Austin Texas. I’ve done art my whole life. Having poor speech early in life I found the best way for me to communicate was through my art. (by the way I speak very clearly not... well I think I do) not only was it/and still is a source of great happiness.
I am up for doing commission work of any kind.
I tend to jump around with styles. At one moment I'll do a graphic design, then digital collage, to and abstract painting.
I've worked inside Disneyland park, doing painting for people. I've done many art shows in L.A., Long Beach California and San Antonio Texas. I've gotten a piece of work into the British magazine Bizzare. And album cover art for a San Antonio band Emily's Gone Mad and currently do flyer art for another band called Guild.
With the many different styles I've adopted with my art i feel I have explored the world around me and inside of me with more of a broader range and wider view than would I of had I not. Sure there are wrong turns but in the end I feel a more honest and unique expression of my feeling ideas and hopes through art. to learn more about me and my art contact me


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