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Any film we work-on excites us on each stage: from pre-production to post.

Since, through joint efforts, we are a part of all the special moments, it is an indescribable pleasure to watch the result on TV or in theaters.

The creation of this magazine was inevitable for us to showcase these exciting moments and efforts. Cut magazine was created the need for such a medium, and with your great support.

With its rich content that has finally come to life, Cut Magazine gives a unique experience to our colleagues and readers.

Cut Magazine is a common platform with fresh ideas and thoughts for advertisers, advertising agencies, production companies, and everyone who works in the production sector.

The Bi-Monthly Cut Magazine provides creative and innovative fresh issues, interviews, and special projects that are within the sector; which can all be followed online as well. Our colleagues and readers will be able to share their comments and thoughts on our web page.

Any valuable names, production companies, firms and agencies that distinguish themselves with their work are published on the magazine’s pages, as well as the DVD that accompanies the magazine; and web page.

Cut Magazine is prepared by Erel Eryurek of Lokkum Publishing, which published the independent magazine.

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