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Photography is my life. I'm always in search of new people, colours, shooting angles, emotions, ideas…

It means that I learn. I learn to observe, learn to see interesting and unusual things in everyday life, learn to notice the details. It’s important, because big things come from small things. People can’t believe they haven’t noticed these important details before after I show these details to them. I think, this is the difference between a professional and an amateur – to see the usual things in an unusual perspective.

My style is chameleon style. At weddings, at my studio or during the photo-shoot I use all the free space I've got, and it results in absolutely different pictures made at the same time and place.

My wedding photos combine in themselves both creative staging and wedding photojournalism. One's wedding is full of energy, - my job is to catch this energy and reflect it in my photos. During the wedding day itself I'll be watching you from all the angles.

I won't be directing your every movement during the staging photo-shoot, I will just guide your fantasy so that together we will make an ingenious photo shoot, full of life and emotions. Because the most precious things during this day are your feelings.

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