ingo weber

austria, villach

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reflection one

sometimes i feel sad,
and that is why i´m creating
but sometimes i feel lucky, and that is why idea become comedy.

in past times, on 3rd december 1978, i was born in celovec.
that´s the same day as godard´s birthday...
so sometimes my back hurts,
but sometimes there is no pain.

usually i live in a small village in the middle of wonderful mountains,
but sometimes i live also in town.

reflection two

somehow i´m alone,
but somehow i´m not.

tomorrow is a fact, then i´m one day older,
but today i´m like a child.

yesterday i saw some angels,
but today i have seen nothing.

sometimes, when its dark, i feel alive.
sometimes, when sun is shining, i feel tired.

but sometimes, when it´s raining,
i feel: i´m right here, this is my theme.
long periods of rain causes melancholie and sadness,
but there will be days of sunshine,

then i will close my eyes,
and i will open them to glince.

and i know: i´m here, shooting films...

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