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Kyle Higgins is a New York Times Best Selling writer whose past work includes BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM, SUPREME POWER, DEATHSTROKE, NIGHTWING, and BATMAN BEYOND 2.0. After spending two years at the University of Iowa, Kyle transferred to Chapman University where he co-wrote and directed a superhero noir titled THE LEAGUE, about the 1960's superhero labor union of Chicago. The film opened doors at Marvel Comics, where Kyle co-wrote his first two books with Alec Siegel (CAPTAIN AMERICA THEATER OF WAR: PRISONERS OF DUTY, and AVENGERS ORIGINS: THE VISION). Kyle is also the co-creator of The Nightrunner (with David Hine), whose story was featured on The Daily Show with John Stewart. At present, Kyle is working on BATMAN ETERNAL for DC Comics, as well as his new Image series, C.O.W.L. (with Alec Siegel and Rod Reis).

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