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Currently started Terebinth Productions a creative faith based production company with one vision to bring faith based productions to the screen both big and small. I want to see the gospel told through a lens, primarily in fiction based screen productions, but reality based productions are just as important. Established in Tulsa OK, I spent 7 years as editor/special promotions/mo-graph producer at Andrew Wommack Ministries in Co. Springs, CO. I have been involved with daily Christian TV programs, as well as long form documentary stories.
Enjoy what you see here and keep coming back to see more, feel free to follow and see what else comes along as Terebinth Productions starts putting down some roots.


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  1. I can't hardly wait. Thank you so much Shane for all you do for us that are looking to refine our craft.
  2. Is it normal for the BMCC to be a little softer focus? The Alexa obviously it is tack sharp.