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A born and bread and Future Dancehall King, Turtleman is one of those rare artist that is ready to take the Dancehall scene in the US and blow it up once again. With his 1st hit single “Full Dem Belly” and New deal with RBC Records, Turtleman is ready to make people dance and show them what the dancehall scene in the US has been missing.

Born in the rough city of West Kingston Jamaica Turtleman’s grandmother was determined to keep him out of the streets by introducing him to Rasta, Righteousness and dancehall music. At the age of fifteen Turtleman started to hit the dancehalls, clubs and house parties to try to get on the microphone. Turtleman has written and performed across the globe in the Caribbean, Europe and US. He has performed with many GREAT Jamaican artists such as GREGORY ISAACS, SURGAR MINOT, SAMMY DREAD, PHILIP FRASSER, JOSIE WHALE, CHARLIE CHAPLIN, NINJA MAN, JUNIOR DEMAS, BEENIEMAN, MERCILESS, TANYA STEPHENS, LADY SAW, MARCIA GRIFFITHS, KING YELLOWMAN, and BUJU BANTON. He also performed with U.S. artists like REDMAN and METHODMAN at spring break 2000 in Negril.

Also, Turtleman appeared in various music videos with BUSTA RHYMES, JAY-Z, NO DOUBT, LUCY PEARL, MACK 10, DR. DRE and SNOOP DOGG and BEENIEMAN and JANET JACKSON. He has appeared in motion pictures such as Bringing Down the House, Hollywood Homicide, John Q, etc. Working the music scene, trying to get his break, encountering both good and wicked business practices, Turtleman wanted to spread a positive image.

Showing his past history there is no doubt that Turtleman is ready to bring back the dancehall scene.

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