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Gilitte Pik-chi Leung was once a music composer with some of her works presented in the album of some well-known Hong Kong singers. Later on she transformed herself as a filmmaker mainly directing. Such a transition should not be surprising since there is no media other than music and films that can be equally good at story-telling.

Leung’s passion to filmmaking was firstly realized by her debut filming in “Groundwalk” released in 2005. It took her by a great surprise that this medium-length film was widely screened in a lot of international film festivals. After the first hit, Leung continued her filmmaking and participated in both local and international film-related competitions and projects, such as “I Want To Make A Movie” at “Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards” in 2009 and “Nameless” at “Love More Hong Kong” in 2011. Leung’s latest work is a film called “Love Me Not”, which is her first feature film. It was invited for screening in 13 international film festivals in 2012 and 2013, such as those in Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, USA, Canada, Argentina, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. After all screenings around the world, a theatrical release was held in late 2012 in Hong Kong.

After many years of being a filmmaker mastering multiple roles, such as director, screenwriter, editor, music composer, cinematographer and producer, Leung is fully experienced in filmmaking and she is now focusing on directing.

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