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Optimum Business Consultancy is a diverse consulting house supplying services to the leaders who manage change in procurement and children services. Our services are refeshingly simple.

We pride ourselves on our achievements to give you a level of service within industry standards. We are a team of qualified business improvement consultants, CIPS professionals, IBC Business Advisors, Prince2 Project Managers and NLP Practitioners.

We operate systematically and proactively which is one of the factors for maintaining a broad based network and associate team. We share our expertise by giving back through training and are passionate about people joining our journey to excellence.

Our aim is to -

Engage - understand your needs and what level of solution suits you

Enable - give you the tools to implement solutions

Empower - find ways to overcome your needs...and your future needs.

We supply consultany, coaching and training services at all levels to meet areas of government policy, not-for-profit and SME's needs and we are always looking for new expriences.

The Optimum team are ready to take your call

Office: 0207 254 2300 or

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