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  1. Farmhouse Films

    Farmhouse Films Plus Margaret River, WA


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    Farmhouse Films is dedicated and passionate about producing content with a little heart and soul. Visual stories that resonate with people from all walks of life is at the core of what we hope to achieve through honest and creative imagery.

  2. Ripping Magazine

    Ripping Magazine Barcelona


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    Ripping magazine es la barandilla de tu ciudad, es la gota que moja tu cara cuando desciendes una montaña, es Neptuno que con sus poderes te da olas, es libertad, es risa y a veces llanto, es la pasión que te mantiene vivo y la adrenalina que te invade el corazón. En cinco o en veinte…

  3. Pau Garcia Laita

    Pau Garcia Laita Plus Barcelona


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    Hopeful 25 year old freelance filmmaker from Barcelona. My work is based on action sports, promotional content and timelapse photography.

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