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Holy cow is a production house set up in Mumbai and Prague, Czech Republic. It has not only a capable team, but an exceptional one, driven with passion and dedication. We source skill sets and talent from all over the world i.e Directors, DOP'S, Post production, actors/models, graphic designers and locations and cater to the Indian market as well as internationally.

Our post production team is placed in Prague, Europe. Through our post production affiliates and integrated partners we can explore filmmaking with the latest tools and techniques internationally to refine work and we offer wide range of services to facilitate and affordable production with high professional standards in India and abroad.

We facilitate and coordinate line production and undertake location work anywhere globally. We are here to help film makers shoot projects as per their creative expectations in a cost effective manner, providing all production facilities and handling local logistics.

Holy cow provides services for all production and out sourcing from start to finish.


  1. Martina Nemcova