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~ NTMY Magazine ~

NTMY Magazine publishes essentially works of art from different photographers ,and all that revolves around the world of photography.The goal is to allow people to express themselves freely, throughout their art,so as it can be seen by others in an editorial line that covers a wide but nonetheless highly selective range of contents.

The magazine crew who form the « NTMY GANG » get their inspiration from the skateboarding and surf scene , the 60′s, music (rock n roll, blues, punk) and MC’s (motorcycle clubs) ,whose key values have always been : « Brotherhood » and « Freedom » , which is what our GANG strives for.

NTMY therefore group together different photographic themes ,all of which play important roles in the life of our GANG.

.We want to create a true artistic community,full of creative and open-minded people.


-Special Thanks: Emma Price For the English Translation: Lost In Translation?

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