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Emma Calder was born in London. She studied Graphic design at The Royal College of Art. Whilst at the Royal College of Art she began making animated films, including the cult 80’s classic Madame Potatoe.

After college she set up a studio producing graphic design, illustration for magazines and animation work for pop videos and commercials.

In 1986 she made the animated film, Springfield, a witty and offbeat, probing of loss and alienation featuring a central character who is half woman, half vacuum cleaner.

In addition to her practical work Emma has been involved with mentoring various training schemes for animation and has run and taught workshops in animation, graphics and illustration all over the UK in Universities, Media centres and Colleges. She was also a board member of the Cardiff Animation Festival, has been a Jury member for BAFTA five times, Jury member of the BBC Design awards.

In 1989 she set up Pearly Oyster Productions with fellow animator Ged Haney, the pair co-directing the puppet animation children’s film The Drummer.

Pearly Oyster's award winning films include The Kings of Siam (Ch4) and The Queen's Monastery. (BBC).

Most recently she has written, designed and illustrated books, for both adults and children.

Emma Calder's Moody Days Sticker Book, published by Thames and Hudson and Paper Angels a children's activity and story book for Bloomsbury, were both published in 2010.

Emma is currently developing and writing several new books and films including Random Person
52 x 50secs animated series..

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