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Gearbottle was originally conceived on a Friday night of drinking at a bar after a long work week. We walked into the spot with a vague idea of what we wanted to do. After a few drinks, the vibrant, glowing, rack of bottles behind the counter became eye catching and after viewing the colorful bottle rack the name and concept clicked. We were going to bottle up all types of streetwear shops with dope gear so they could all be accessed and found through one convenient search and information outlet. We walked out with a new idea, and half pie eyed.

Gearbottle is a unique search engine built to tailor to the streetwear clothing industry. Many brick and mortar streetwear stores with the most exclusive and underground gear can be hard to find. Gearbottle was created to help solve this problem, and help you find these hidden gems and every type of shop across the spectrum. Our search database consists of a variety of stores from the one-off hidden brick and mortar shops, to the more recognized chain stores. Whether you are on vacation in a new city wondering where the dope shops are, looking for that exclusive shop you’ve heard of but could never find, or just want to see what’s out there, just search Gearbottle, find your spot, and get your fresh.

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