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  1. Better Reality

    Better Reality


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    We specialize in high-quality 3D scanning and 3D modelling for film, television and video game production. Currently we are developing our 3D scanning Better Reality Infomatrix3D project.

  2. Fluid Interfaces

    Fluid Interfaces Cambridge, MA


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    The goal of the Fluid Interfaces research group is to radically rethink the human-machine interactive experience. By designing interfaces that are more immersive, more intelligent, and more interactive we are changing the human-machine relationship and creating systems that are more responsive to people's…

  3. Meindbender

    Meindbender Plus Gothenburg


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    Founded in 2006, Meindbender is an animation studio focusing on storytelling, character design and the expression of humor and emotion.

  4. Cameron Fielding

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