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  1. After 9 seconds I hear my sound ( http://freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/sounds/133100/?page=2#comment ). I can not find any credits. I complained on youtube as well.
  2. wonderful done. Thank for the credits. regards marcel (klankbeeld freesound.org)
  3. Beautiful and thanks for the credits. It would be cool if you make a link to this film as a comment on my sounds you have used. greating klankbeeld freesound.
  4. well use of my sound regards klankbeeld freesound.org
  5. Klankbeeld commented on the machine
    Great animation. Modern Times in Chapplins modern times. Please make a link ass a comment under the used sound from me in freesound. So I can make a link to your movie in my blog. Thanks klankbeeld Freesound
  6. Klankbeeld commented on The Convert
    Beautiful film and thanks for using one of my bicycle sounds. Please make a link on my sound on freesound to this film, soo I can make a complete link to this video on my blog. Thanks user klankbeeld freesound
  7. I knew you were busy with the exhibition. Become a great film. Great use of my recording. Thank you. klankbeeld, freesoundDOTorg