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Photojournalist currently based in Mexico City. Blogger, photo editor, photography trainer.

My name is Alex Coghe. I’m an Italian photojournalist, but I live in Mexico. Street Photography is my calling, and the street was and is my gym, and my therapy.

Now I apply the approach of Street Photography to my profession, and this makes my job more fun everyday. I photograph essentially human beings, but at the same time I photograph my state of mind. Ok, it’s a bit of a strange concept, but this is me, and it’s the best way to describe my approach. On the street I photograph the reality, often playing with it, trying to offer a second reading.

I am a writer and photographer, and now the two things are related. Observer first, then photographer. I love the streets. I love the people. The contact with people is one of the things I love most about my profession.

My present work includes editorial, documentary, events, corporates, portraits.I enjoy cooking (you should try my lasagna or stuffed chicken). My favourite writer is Charles Bukowski. I would like to start playing tennis again and getting a bicycle. I have a passion for sushi. If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d be a poor writer offering my books to editors.

Well, now I think you know everything there is to know about me…

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