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  1. The Naked And Famous
  2. On And On Records

    On And On Records Paris


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    On and On is an independant musical Label representing artists such as C2C, Hocus Pocus & 20syl. You will find the newest HD videos of all our artists on Vimeo. www.onandon-records.com https://www.facebook.com/onandonrecords www.C2Cmusic.fr https://www.facebook.com/C2Cofficial https://www.facebook.com/HocusPocusOfficiel

  3. Metric

    Metric Canada


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    In the early 2000’s when Rock Was Back and every band in the world seemed to be looking for a wormhole to a 1970’s garage, METRIC frontwoman Emily Haines was hauling around — gasp! — an analog synthesizer as the band worked their way up in New York City’s clubs. In the…

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