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“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you” ~ Emerson

After consistently getting in trouble for doodling on her Peechee in class at school, it was no wonder Cristena Bagne is now helping people around the globe to get back to the heart of handmade gifts, stamping and creativity with her inspirational art work. What seems like a twitch of her nose she makes creating paper craft projects such as cards, scrapbooking and home décor look effortless and amazing!

Cristena is fiercely committed and passionate about letting all who “think” they are not creative to achieve opening the creative door and unleash the knowledge that it is okay to copy it is how we all learn to create and find our own style. After years of being in the transportation industry, everything from being a flight attendant to insurance underwriter for ocean freight, and years of being behind the scenes keeping buyers safe from fraudulent merchants as a fraud investigator for, the thought of a night or day of crafting is relaxing and a lot cheaper than a therapy session.

Jobs such as the ones she had in the past make the thought of mistakes actually fun! "There are no mistakes in stamping it makes perfect opportunities for more great embellishments", this is coming from someone that thought the first Stampin’ Up! Workshop she was invited to was a postage stamp party, and didn’t know why she was even going in the first place.

Now Cristena loves being a designer for website INKspirations4U and a former guest designer for Create with Connie and Mary, all the while teaching her own classes in her home and online. Cristena is also in the mists of starting her own a wedding invitation/favor consulting business.

Dragonflies? Cristena once had the unique experience with a dragonfly. One summer afternoon Cristena found a beautiful black dragonfly caught between her dining room window and the closed blind. Already in love with the gracefulness and beauty of these small creatures, she calmly told the dragonfly that she was only going to help him and would be gentle as possible. While he probably didn't understand, she was hoping the calm of her voice would help avoid the little creature to startle and get hurt. Cristena slowly moved her finger to the chest area of the dragonfly, as you would when picking up a bird. This worked! The dragonfly climbed on her finger and she slowly moved him from the blinds to outside. Thinking the dragonfly would fly away immediately, he actually sat in her hand gracefully for what felt like 10 minutes, but was probably more like 2 minutes, then flew away. It was the experience of a life time!

Cristena Bagne is all this and more!

If you would like to see more of what Cristena is all about you are invited to partake of one of the classes she has in her home and meet her face to face. You can find her event schedule by visiting her blog at

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