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i Learn With is a groundbreaking early childhood education program designed for touch screen tablets. It is a cross curricular, game-based school readiness program developed with experts in early childhood development and designers to deliver to children 3 to 6 years old a fun and truly educational experience.

Powered by a groundbreaking technology, the program tracks the child’s success rate and adjusts levels of difficulty in order to adapt to children’s developmental needs across a full breadth of subjects. Parents can monitor their child’s progress in the app or through email alerts and compare it with children that are the same age. The program also recommends a personalized learning path for each child to work on and integrates highly engaging rewards for educational achievements.
Based on national standards and designed with the help of teachers and developmental experts, the suite of apps for kids proves that games can be both fun and truly educational. i Learn With takes early childhood education on tablets to a new level.

Get your child ready for school while having fun, one app at a time!