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  1. 01:31:48

    Personal Favorites

    by Damian Martorana

    16 Videos

    These are some videos I really enjoy.

  2. 53:48


    by Damian Martorana

    11 Videos

    Ballroom and Latin Dance ICONS - Highlight, Award Videos, and Dance Documentaries of Professional and Amateur Dancers.

  3. 01:15:55

    Promotional & Marketing Videos

    by Damian Martorana

    24 Videos

    This video promote and market business and products.

  4. 30:42

    Demo Reels

    by Damian Martorana

    13 Videos

    Demo reels for Actors, Dancers, Editors, Directors, Host and Producers!

  5. 34:51

    Highlight & Award Videos

    by Damian Martorana

    8 Videos

    Highlight & Award videos of Famous Dancers produced for various dance competitions around the world.

  6. 24:14

    CAPTURE THE MOMENT - Dance Documentaries

    by Damian Martorana

    4 Videos

    Capture the Moment -personal dance documentaries video productions from various dance competitions

  7. 16:00

    Hollywood Dancesport Championships

    by Damian Martorana

    4 Videos

    Hollywood Dancesport Championships - Organized by Mary Murphy, Michael Chapman & Jonathan Roberts.

  8. 38:51

    Grassroots Festivals of Music and Dance

    by Damian Martorana

    11 Videos

    Promotional Videos about the Grassroots Festivals of Music and Dance. Produced by Martorana Productions.

  9. 01:48:58


    by Damian Martorana

    30 Videos

    All works have filmed and edited by Martorana Productions and Team.

  10. 01:51:11

    POST Production

    by Damian Martorana

    33 Videos

    Includes Personalized Highlight and Award Videos of Various Dancers and Events. Also includes works for businesses and corporate companies.

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