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Corinne used a year’s foundation course at Central Saint Martins to experiment in many disciplines and found herself drawn to illustration, fine art and the moving image. This in turn lead her to try her hand at animation and pixilation and she went on to graduate from the university of Westminster with a BA in Animation in 2006.

After Graduating, she worked as a production assistant at animation production house ‘th1ng,’ honing her animation and compositing skills whilst working on a variety of projects from commercials and idents to film titles. At ‘th1ng’ she was introduced to 2D digital cut outs and in her time at the NFTS this is what she has focused on, blending cut outs with traditional hand drawn techniques for a more sophisticated look.

Corinne has a passion for narrative and aims to create films that will captivate both young and old. Whilst she plans to continue working on a variety of short form projects,
ERNESTO has galvanized her interest in children’s television, a medium to which her visual style and inclination would ideally be suited.


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