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Margarida Sardinha is an independent artist & director born in Lisbon, Portugal - 1978, who studied, lived and worked in London for ten years. She attended Fine Art Combined Media studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her cross-media practice comprises site-specific installation, experimental film and animation, performance, text, sound, photography and symbolic study drawings, which are by definition conceptualist geometric-kinetic and abstract minimal works. Its main focus is the production of geometrical optical illusions a propos the spiritual in art, thus, making concept parallels within literature, philosophy, comparative religion, science, film and art. Using these perceptions she searches for spiritual/psychological stages of consciousness and relates them with cycles of individual or universal growth. She re-accesses the deconstruction of dogmas from a geometric-archetypal stand in which the relation between immutability and mutability is constantly challenged and reviewed through dynamic symmetry. Archetypal geometry, dynamic symmetry, symbology and colour being the basis of the work are explored in a transmutative semiotic process of building, photographing and animating these “signs” that are understood as imprinted/innate forms of consciousness which enable us to see, hear and speak aesthetically, emotionally, logically, spiritually and politically.

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