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I am a beginner at video making, i´m currently studying at Academy of arts as director. I like music, films, magic, chocolate, art, friends, good beer and sooo..
My favourite directors are Hanak (Obrazy stareho sveta, Prišiel k nám Old Chatterhand), M.Škop (Osadné), J. Vojtek (Hranica, Cigáni idú do volieb) Q. Tarantino (Pulb Fiction, Reservoir Dogs), Rodrigues (El Mariahi, Desperado, Once upon a time in Mexico) D. Landa (Tacho, Tajemstvi)
My fav. music genres - Black metal (Graveworm, Shade Empire, Dominia, Ancestral Volkves, Vesania, Inferno....) Melo Death - (Insomnium, Blind stare,...) Thrash metal ("Big thrash four", Kreator, Antropoid, Sepultura, Attomica)

IF you like my movies, and want some cooperation or something, i am open, just write me :) thanks!

WATCH, ENJOY, CRITICISE... thats the way how you push me up! :)

you can also find me here:


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