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It was the mountains of the west where Weston D. and Shaun Raskin’s paths crossed. Through time and and many turns they would discover that they were both rooted in the east.

Brought together thru a desire to go further and push harder, the telemark turn became their vehicle of self expression and what ultimately set them on this path of adventure.

Over the past few years they have been skiing, traveling, and exploring remote mountain ranges together. Through their dedication to live without the confines of traditional schedules and do whatever it takes to allow them to be in the mountains day in and out The Life Unbound came about.

The Web based series follows Shaun and Weston thru exciting days skiing big peaks, touring with friends, avalanche education, and making it all work by working night jobs and leaning on each other.

The Life Unbound seeks to express our experiences in an effort to share the beauty, excitement, and hardship that is involved in living the big mountain lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy!

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