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Born 1984 in Tokyo.
Lives and works in Tokyo.

Musicsian / Sound Artist

In 1997, started music as a drummer.
Ura currently performs as a solo and in collaboration with musicians both Japanese and foreign (includes: Josh Berman, Daniel Fandino, Takashi Fujita [Video Artist], Michael Hartman, Ken-ichi Kanazawa [Sculptor], Brian Labycz, Darren McClure, Jason Roebke, Vadim Sprikut, Yosuke Yamagishi, Kajiro Yamaguchi and Shinjiro Yamaguchi).
In 2004, started out "TWOLINES" label with Shinjiro Yamaguchi.

Accepted for "The Art Exhibition for New Artists in Kawaguchi-city".
Performed in collaboration with dancer at "Yokohama Dance Collection EX".

Released "Composition for Consecutive Frequency" CD.
Group exhibition "The Direction of Attention".
Workshop with Ken-ichi Kanazawa and Shinjiro Yamaguchi "Fragments of Sound / Shape of Music".
Workshop with Shinjiro Yamaguchi "Catch a Sound by Physically".

Group exhibition "Exceeds It!".
Performed with Ken-ichi Kanazawa and Shinjiro Yamaguchi "An Improvised Session".
Performed with Michael Hartman (TV Pow) and Shinjiro Yamaguchi "Michael Hartman Live in Tokyo".

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