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MOTH formed in November 2008 in the shadows of East London warehouses, flyovers and canal towpaths. Comprising digital artists Ed Firth and Shaun O'Connor, MOTH is united by a passion for experimental technology and for pushing the boundaries of traditional VJing. MOTH bridges the divide between video mixing and street art, generating site-specific video graffiti designed in response to the morphology, texture and ambience of the spaces and structures of the outside world.

In freeing projected visuals from the confined interior, the rectangular screen and the static projector, and introducing the dimensions of time and motion to street art, MOTH aims to develop a new discipline by exploring and exploiting the possibilities of roaming projection and the concept of psychogeography. Two wireless, wearable projection units connected to media tablets allow the artists to move freely around their environment, selecting and relaying pre-produced film and animation designed specifically for that arena.

MOTH’s approach is to explore a space, a structure or an area and respond to its shape, history, context and connotations through projected film and animation, treating the surfaces not just as a screen but as an element of a cinematic and theatrical installation. Recent commissions have revolved around exciting architecture and interesting, unloved fixtures of London’s urban landscape, from the Bow Flyover and Ladbroke Grove's West Way to Heritage-Listed national treasures such as the Trellick Tower and the V&A Museum, and the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-On-Sea.


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