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  1. is there any new info on this audio problem??? my firmware 1.07. the problem apears even when i use external audio recording( Lots of hiss and tiny sound when loud noises recorded) ... and i feel more than Disappointed from my A77.
  2. Can the h4next connect directly to the A77?
  3. Using the Sony shotgun. Two sound levels and finding satisfactory sound levels. Without exception, all clips are reduced to minus6 DB in post. Quality results. See Swiss Video Academy recommendations. YouTube.
  4. As an aside, here is a short film I made with the A77. Sound is from the Rode NTG-2 plugged into the Marants PMD661. I used the ECM-CG50 plugged into the camera for reference when post syncing. Audio definitely not as clean and isolated as with…
  5. I use the Sony A77 for video and absolutely love it. As with most DSLR style cameras, audio isn't a strong point. I've shot material for broadcast with my A77 with the audio setup as follows: Sony ECM-CG 50 microphone mounted to the camera. I just…
  6. I've found that by picking up an art dual usb pre (, I can get great audio in with both my Sennheiser wireless and shotgun mic (whatever was on the HVRA1U). Downside…
  7. Hi, I just got a Sony a77 today. I have a question. If I take stills followed by videos, to play them back in the camera. i need to to go menu>play back> then folders (from still or HD movies), right? Does anybody know the answer? thank you.
  8. I am now on my third A77. This came from Cardiff Cameras. I have used it for 6 days in various places and found it very good. I have updated the firmware to 1.04. Now I thought I would try a mic test... I would put the video on YouTube but basically…