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Genoa, Italy

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Japanese Gum is an experimental psychedelic Italian three piece originally from Genova born in the spring of 2005.
The band consists now of Davide Cedolin, Paolo Tortora and Giulio Fonseca (from November 2011).
JG music is characterized by wall of echoed sounds, hypnotic vocals, electronic glitch beats mixed with natural drums and live loops, but it’s not right to define their sound into a specific kind: the band is always looking for new developments and different sound solutions: from the early hours stuff focused on an ambient-glitch type of soundscapes, to the full-lenght album “Hey Folks! Nevermind, we are all falling down” that has been released in september 2009 by the japanese label Friend of Mine records, and it’s a perfect balanced combo of liquid atmosphere, shoegazing guitars, suspended vocals, electronic patterns and real drums; after European tours that crossed Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Austria and France, during November 2010, Japanese Gum started to work on new compositions that will be included into two new releases expected for 2012, one e.p. and the second full-lenght "High Dreams".
By the years, Japanese Gum has toured and played with artists such Victory at Sea, A Hawk in an Hawksaw, CRTVTR, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Saroos, Stafræn Hákon, port-royal, Judith Juillerat, Giardini di Mirò, Europ Europ, Mindy Misty, Library Tapes, Far From Tellus, Bodycode, Shackleton, Tempelhof, Sea Dweller, Matteah Baim, Jenniferever and many others and has tour in USA for the first time on September/October 2011. Japanese Gum has been scheduled for several shows at 2012 SXSW, Austin, Texas.

Line up:

Paolo Tortora; pedals, guitar, samples, synthesizers, percussions, vocals.
Davide Cedolin; pedals, vocals, guitar, percussions, samples, keys.
Giulio Fonseca; samples, synths.

Past members:

Luigi Bozzo; laptop, synthesizers (2005-2007).
Giovanni Stimamiglio; percussions, drums, keys (2010-2011).


Extended plays

2007, January - Talking. Silently e.p. (Marsiglia Records) - CDR/Digital
2008, November - Without You I'm Napping (Self released) - CDR/Digital
2010, October - End of Summer e.p. (Self released) – 3” CDR/Digital
2012, March - Mantra (Footsteps marked Below)/Places - Virtual 7" (EIC) - Digital

Studio albums

2009, September - Hey Folks! Nevermind, we are all falling down (Friend of Mine) - CD
2012, ? - High Dreams (Etch Wear) – CD/Vinyl


2009, July – Hon.e – Digital
2010, October – In The Shadow Of a Hood – Digital
2011, April – Hon.e (Alternate – Almost Instrumental - Version) – Digital
2012, May – Fine Again (Etch Wear) - 12”maxi single


2006, November – The Winter is Already Out (But I Can Still Feel Its Flavour) on “First AID Kit I” - Chew-Z - Digital/CDR
2007, June – Cluster of Bees (Early Version) on “L.S.O.A. Buridda – vol. 1” - Marsiglia Records – CD
2008, November – Take Me Where I can Fade With No Rumors (live) on Emptv Nights Compilation I” - Emptv - Digital/CDR
2010, March – Cluster of Bees on “Shiver vol.1” - Shiver Webzine - Digital
2010, May – First Reminder on Handmade '10 compilation – Handmade Festival – CDR
2010, May – Dividing Opinions on “Altri Giardini” by Giardini di Mirò, featuring Blown Paper Bags - Digital/CD
2011, March – Hon.e (Alternate – Almost Instrumental - Version) on “Goodbye Icy Winter” - Breakfast Jumpers - Digital


2006, December – Paul Leni (deep mix) – port-royal – Digital
2007, August – A bunch of loops, jamming tape recordings and electronics for the live soundscape and soundtrack of “Il Fauno”, a film by Febo Mari, 1917, ArenaSonica festival, Brescia – Tape/Cassette
2008, March - Take Me Where I can Fade With No Rumors – Soundtrack for the video “Respiri/Breaths” by the artist Francesco Arena - Web/DVD
2009, September – Lost in Weirdness (Chew-Z) – Digital/CDR
2010, January – Cluster of Bees, Chlorine Blue, Mistake/Ghost on “Nike 6.0 Partners in Crime” – Soundtrack for this awesome Bmx Video - Web

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