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Cardiff, Wales

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Ludus Ludius Improvisation Theatre Company was founded in 2007 by Nathan Keates and Matt Mills. We began to create theatre through improvised playfulness. Now we are a collective. Various performers, artists, actors, dancers, musicians and obviously improvisers are called upon when a project could be ideal for whom ever. Ludus Ludius are moving towards applying improvisation skill and tecniques to those that may benefit personally, socially, emotionally and collaboratively.

In the initial era of the birth of this theatre company, there was one. That one became someone. That someone became Ludius. This Ludius then lost an i. That eye returned to form this one someone to be Ludus Ludius. Hopefully this Ludus Ludius can tempt other ones to become a Ludus Ludius, in Cardiff.

Our Aims:

•To engage Cardiff and the surrounding areas with improvised activities
•To provide theatre productions for all ages
•To connect generations within the framework of improv
•To embark on the journey that is laid out within the discovery of impro with the people of Cardiff
•To utilize improvisation to the best of its uses for all and for theatre

Our Objectives:

•To involve all generations in the activities provided
•To conduct our company in an ethical manner
•To increase the use of improvisation in Cardiff and Wales in general
•To progress yearly to more ambitious events and challenging tasks.
•To raise significant values within productions where see fit
•To expand audiences knowledge of various art forms

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