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My name is Daniele Trani and I’ve always been interested in images: paintings, photos, comics, movies make no difference for me.
I studied at the prestigious “Accademia per le arti e le scienze dell’Immagine” in L’Aquila; my foremost teachers were Vittorio Storaro and Luciano Tovoli.
I began my professional career six years ago, working for “The Big Brother” italian edition. In all these years I worked as D.O.P in documentary films and fictional productions.
The main titles are: “Interno 9”, which won the “Fano Film Festival” and the “Golden Globe” award as best short film; “L’eredità di Caino”, which participated in a lot of festivals worldwide; “Il sole di Nina”, my first full-length movie and “Balkan Junction”, which won the international Filo fest of Lubiana and was finalist at the “I've Seen Films” festival .
Last but not least, I teach cinematography in high schools.
My most recent works are the horror movie “La Canzone della Notte”, the post-atomic silent -movie “Vigasio Sexploitation” and “Finchè Morte non ci Separi”.