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  1. Emma Shepherd

    Emma Shepherd Bristol, England


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    Hello there! I'm Emma Shepherd, a freelance Animator/Illustrator based in Bristol. Working mostly in Flash, I am able to adapt to many styles, as well as give projects my own flair. I like weightlifting and dolls houses, and am attempting to learn German. Contact: hello@shepherdanimations.com

  2. The Brothers McLeod

    The Brothers McLeod PRO Stratford-upon-Avon


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    The BAFTA award winning Brothers McLeod are illustrator-animator Greg and writer Myles. Specialising in 2D hand drawn and computer animation. Hi - you found us on Vimeo - we are also on http://www.YouTube.com/brothermcleod and you can check out more on our main website at http://www.bromc.co.uk…

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