Rob Bernard

South East England

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Film-Maker, Photographer, Artist

The present part of my journey is to explore the crossover between the still image and the moving. Creating windows into our lives, documenting my travel experiences, working with multiple imaging and time-lapse to present in an artistic way.
Like a photograph, quality is paramount so my interest with the moving image lies with high definition output.
I have a fascination for early imagery and to recreate a window into the past using restoration, computer technology and 3D applications. I am just beginning this journey, with the idea of creating personal historical mementos with photograph collections, appealing to family history researchers, otherwise left in a box, forgotten in attic space.
My present work is with multiple imagery and based on time and space. A mixture of still photographs, time- lapse, and moving images. Recorded sound is used to evoke the atmosphere and have recently expanded to use Dolby stereo 5.1 surround sound.
My inspiration comes from films that explore visual imagery like the Qatsi triology, Baraka and Chronos, documentary and fact. Photography by Alexy Titarenko.

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