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I am a cartoon animator, storyboarder and that's not all.
I use Flash and Maya 2011 .
I create my own storyboards, gags and imagination from my daily life.
I'm a great admire of Bill Watterson, Jim Davis, Goscinny & Uderzo, Sempè, Chris Ayers, Sandro Cleuzo. Big lover of Worner bross cartoon animation from 1938, Miyazaki, Don Bluth films and Disney.
Graduated in 2011 at the NEMO ACADEMY OF DIGITAL ART in Florence. 2006 at the ACCADEMIA LIGUSTICA DI BELLE ARTI in Genoa.
Volunteer at CISV. An organisation for peace education and volunteered at the dog pound in Genoa. Kept myself busy with little jobs here and there.
Double citizen: USA/Italian.
Travelled to: US, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, India, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Tunis and Israel


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