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  1. man i really wanted to hear what the doc had to say...he could barely put together a few sentences before being interrupted or questioned. hope he comes back for a proper interview.
  2. brians funny i don't know why you people are hating on him. it's the JRE not fuckin CNN. loosen up your ties and unbunch your panties.
  3. you're right dan but as ozwald mentioned lately it's been more stuff. anyway i didn't mean any disrespect and of course i appreciate the free podcasts but you gota accept that it's a symbiotic relationship. like joe always says more and more crowds…
  4. mr rogan, the commercials are getting too fucking long. that one lasted for the first 15 minutes.
  5. if there is a room full of people watching osama bin laden get shot in the head, how do you now know who shot him? all the soldiers have helmet cams. flawed logic.
  6. united broke my fucking luggage! FUCK UNITED! here's a photo
  7. it's E-RAHN not I-RAN
  8. There's no confusion, that's what he said. Joe even called him out on it. This guy just uses fancy ways to word his crazy opinions because he debates a lot so he knows how to beat around the bush