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  1. Jose Francisco Salgado

    Jose Francisco Salgado Plus Chicago, IL


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    José Francisco Salgado is an Emmy-nominated astronomer, experimental photographer, and visual artist who uses art as a vehicle to communicate science. His science and symphony films have been presented more than 115 times in 15 countries with orchestras such as the Chicago Symphony, the Boston…

  2. Rock Action

    Rock Action Glasgow


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    An independent record label from Glasgow, Scotland.

  3. Philip Bloom

    Philip Bloom PRO London


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    I am sorry I am unable to reply to emails sent to me here. Please contact me via email rather than vimeo at help@philipbloom.net DP, Director, FIlmmaker My other vimeo accounts are for my world travel videos, reviews and tutorials, plus one random stuff. Vimeo.com/bloomworld Vimeo.com/pbextras Vimeo.com/pbreviews

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