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Sounds Like Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. I started doing music in the 11th grade at the age of 17. At this time, I did not know Jesus. I had heard of Him, but knew not His standing as I do today. My lifestly reflected this, as I spent the majority of my days getting high, drinking, fornicating and simply feeding my flesh off the influences of the world. Until late one night, I was attacked in my sleep by a very wicked spirit. I immediately awoke, heart beating fast, and dropped to my knees. I cried out to Jesus, whoever He was, and begged Him for forgiveness. For I knew it was my own willful choices that had led me astray, taking myself out from under His protection. This scared me, so I asked Him to change me. As disobedient as I had been, He heard my cry. and the Lord quickly began to reveal Himself to me. So I couldn't help but trust Him, and care about the things He cared about. Which brought me to my music. I realized that it was not uplifting my listeners.So, I began to write the things He would give me. Revelations about His heart and will for His people, His love and forgiveness, His hatred toward sin, and His soon return.


  1. Jason Floyd
  2. Malice of the Clipse