Arno Scheper

the Hague ,the Netherlands

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The work of Arno Scheper leaves itself best defined as experiments with audiovisual media with the emphasis on the inner character of the media, physical movement and human interaction with the media.
As a result of this work method his works take shape in several forms such as; audiovisual performances and installations, kinetic sound sculpture's, site-specific environments and optical films.
Arno Scheper studied at the Interfaculty Image and Sound of the Royal Academy of arts, the Hague, where he finished with a Bachelor degree of fine arts in 2004.
He is the founder of feedbacksociety, an open collective of interdisciplinary artists from the Hague (NL).
He is also working as an art advisor for ArtiKraak/ANNA, an organisation for creative use of temporally abandoned buildings.

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