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  1. I would fuck Amy, but I won't listen to her talk for 2 hours
  2. Why is Joe being a dick to Brian lately?
  3. Im gonna watch the podcast over again and do a shot every time Joe says "Hippy Pussy"
  4. Good Podcast! The one concept that I would share is that it seems to be Human nature to be a follower and there are only very few leaders! I heard a quote from someone it went something like "People are silently begging to be led" Loved the Lipton…
  5. I agree, Henry Rollins would be an epic guest!
  6. I wonder how they dealt with the crazy wind storm in Pasadena?
  7. This show reminded me when I drove from L.A to Vegas and stopped in Barstow for gas, the dude working there was batshit crazy