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I am a Hungarian actress living in London.

I have considerable experience, performing in over 30 film roles in Europe and America.I have played in the National Theatre in Hungary and Romania. I won 3 awards for best acting. I have worked with many important directors in film and on stage. The Oscar-winning Polish film director Andrzey Wajda directed me in the National Theatre in Budapest, in the adaptation for the stage of The Wedding. In The Offenbach Secret I worked with Istvan Szabo, who won an Oscar for the film Mefisto. I loved to work with Bille Eltringham in the English film Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution. Victor I Frunza, one of the best Romanian theatre directors, directed me in Hamlet.

It was a pleasure to have film partners like Catherine Tate, Iain Glen, Marthe Keller, Nastassja Kinski, Patrick Bergin, Rosemary Leach and Bernard Hepton.

I am a versatile actress; I am equally at home in drama and comedy. I can play different characters, covering the range from queen to simple country woman for example the roles Gertrude in Hamlet, Pilar Ternera in One Hundred Years of Solitude or the country woman in the TV Feature Film Dracula. Maybe this role was a “natural” role for me because I was born in Transylvania!

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