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* in Germany, international roots.

Navina works as a freelanced artist. Her means of expression are the Body and the Image - in movement.

Her work has been presented at various national and international art contexts, filmfestivals and dance plattforms since 2007, amongst others at Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik Hamburg and various short film festivals such GoEast Wiesbaden, Rencontres Henri Langlois France or AmbulArt Mexico, Zebra Poetry FilmF estival Film Berlin and Dance plattforms such as DanceKiosk Hamburg and K3 Center for Choreography Hamburg and Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift Hamburg and anderseits Literaturfestival.

Navina has been granted a residency at Fleetstreet Theatre Hamburg and Project Fundings from Hamburg’s Cultural Ministry and other Hamburg based foundations such Rudolf Augstein Foundation and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.

Navina has worked as a performer amongst others with Bojana Cvejic at TATE Modern, Vania Rovisco at the ATTIC, CAPC and ZDB, Isabelle Schad/ Tanzinitiative Hamburg e.V. in at site specific and God’s Entertainment in Vienna's Next Top Artist, Vienna.

She teaches Contemporary Dance, Yoga and Improvisation and Creative Dance for Children since 2011.
She also works freelanced and part-time based in Media, Film and Television behind the camera and in production and editorial.

Navina holds a BA in Mediaculture, a Diploma in Visual Communication from Academy of fine Arts Hamburg and an MA in Creative Practice: The Dance Professional Practice Pathway from Trinity Laban/ Independent Dance London, UK.

In 2015 Navina was supported by Larga Marcha Arte y Ediciones and has recently been invited to be part of the collective SUBITA PRÁCTICAS DE CRIAÇÂO E COMPOSIÇÂO. She has worked at Carpe Diem - Arte e Pesquisa as an assitance in Curation and Production and she has recently been invited for an artistic residency at AADK Spain in 2016.

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