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Cork, Ireland

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Freelance photographer based in Cork. Photography is my passion, my lifestyle and my bread and butter. I love to create images which will evoke emotions, be visual treat and will preserve values for years.

I enjoy working with people and good rapport is required to create genuine images. How you feel during session is how you will look in the final picture.

I shoot portraiture of Men, Woman, Children, special occasions - Engagements, Weddings, Maternity, Newborns. Bodoir and Glamour shoots for Ladies. Events, Nightclubs, Celebrations. I can offer Studio and Location work.

I have experience in producing Commercial work - interiors, promotion shoots, still life - product photography. Some of my images has been published in local publications. Some has been used in advertisement. And some images has been published full size as a cover.

80% of my work is paid assignments, while remaining 20% is what i consider personal projects where i experiment and push boundaries further.

I keep my rates realistic, i work hard during shoots to achieve results. I develop workflow as much effective as possible. My rates are flexible and deal can be agreed if you have certain budget in mind. In terms of payment it can be spread in couple amounts. Deposit is required on all assignments.

Yours, AlexSnaps

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